Galoob Micro Machines Star Trek Limited Edition Collector’s Set II

Price: $59.95 - $114.65
(as of Dec 24,2019 18:55:14 UTC – Details)

Produced by Galoob in 1995. Ultra Rare. Each box is a collectors edition that is individually numbered. The approximate size of a Micro Machines ship is 1.5 inches long. Approximate size of unopened box is 17 x 11 x 3.5 inches.3 ships from All Good Things: Enterprise D with 3 Nacelles, USS Pasteur, Klingon Battlecruiser
Original Star Trek: Galileo II, Space Station K-7, Botany Bay
Star Trek The Next Generation: Enterprise NCC-1701-C, USS Stargazer, Romulan Scout Ship
USS Defient from DS9, Movies Enterprise B and Enterprise D
Star Trek Movies USS Farragut, Vulcan Shuttle Surak, Federation Space Dock, USS Grissom

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